About prBlog

A bit of repetition here from the first blog post:

I created this Ruby on Rails blog to primarily so I could get good experience of using Bootstrap SASS as opposed to Bootstrap LESS which I have a lot of experience with. You need Ruby on Rails to compile SASS into css so I thought I would set up an app that would allow me to learn a little bit about the Ruby on Rails environment.

Problem is I have to provide content, I really only did this so I could utilise, develop and display my UX, UI design and front end skills. But what content to use? (I hate using 'lorem ipsum') ahh! I know!, knock out some poems - easy filler for the time being. Only a blog is more than displaying your literary talents (or lack of them!), you know its about writing about things, but not being very good at writing means I just tend to think about things and when I come to try and write them down (as I sometimes do) it kind of all falls apart ("I'm sure it was much funnier/more interesting/more enlightening/etc in my head!")

So I suppose if I am going to use a blog as a project that allows me to discover and show new things I shouldn't keep saying to myself "...I don't really want to do a blog, I have no interest in doing a blog, it's just that... ...etc... " and just try to write things relevant to the overall purpose of doing this in the first place and try to do it in the best way I can even if I am no good at writing.

Should say so far I have one or two poems and I think a couple of spoof articles as fillers (lorem ipsums) and most of the images are primarily photos I have taken of insects in the garden and not relevant to the articles as of yet