Nuclear decimation aversion

02 Mar 2016

...twist the crowbar above the 77mm parallel, take three sedatives, move the crankshaft shield controller slightly to the left, then you will see a chain (not unlike the old toilet flush chains) appear to your left. Once the chain appears set the automator sequencer to full security alert, call the police and flood the pod apparatusism ensuring at all times the chain on your left (a la mr crapper) doesn't disappear.

Next urinate so you are at full emotional capacity and then evaporate the vacuum chambers till the security alert has equalised below the "crustacean equilibrium factor", pray to your god and start writing a complaint letter to your local police concerning their tardiness in response activity in conjunction with the Civil Operational Standards of Community Apparatae.

Draw the skewer valve at the acquisition pump so any seepage can be pre-empted, evaluate the security quotation settings and then tap your shoes and exterminate any pet mice. If continuance is apparent check all shutdown systems and remove shoes. Any pets will do by the way...

Category: Spoof

Tony Baloney

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Jupesy Drawn says:

All in a one, all in a soon, all in a sudden, in a suddenly

Apop Aplectic says:

B-E-E-B-O-P-A-P-L-E-C-T-I-C she's my baby

drowningMAN says:

Whither we go further than thought and beyond unthought into the shelter of foresight beginning and ending and ending and beginning. We all come to stop, start - we all come to stop; START - - - we all calm down: stop

trusty salesman says:

Sell me your watches and you'll buy my time

Fundip Harmsluice says:

Oh my oh my