The Ladybird sings

04 Mar 2016

I am all or nothing You, too, are all or nothing And then somebody sings and Maybe We think differently You shrink larger than me I silently tiptoe thunder to your heart We... Maybe nothing... Us I don"t know Something to say Of course maybe nothing to say Then the fat lady sings "She sings I am frencher than french french windows!" OR MAYBE NOT! There is no fat lady Nor fat man And time is all yours Do with it what you will Or don't ut there is no other way And they are many All challenging All out of reach Or not The ladybird sings She doesn't But you wish it And find something in it Or not I'm sure the beetles don't cry either, beyond their own wishes And silently a butterfly whispers YOU CAN'T GET OVER...

Category: Poems

Peter Robertson

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Sally Macassre says:

In true fashion we can see it all coming out like a nose on a face

dudley moreover says:

Into the section of disjointedness a meeting a shout an undermention

rover B says:

Something formally known as...

5. Suswele Betankarty says:

Hare jay loo ya

6. Suswele Betankarty says:

Hare jay loo ya